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Welcome to the Beta version of Coshara. This a very rough version of our site. Over the next few days and weeks we have many more changes planned. We are showing this version only to a few people. We know the look of the site is very primitive and we plan to revise our look completely during November and December.

Not all of our features are currently implemented, but you can do some of the basics of what we intend. You can find, manage, and share your interests. To get started, try following some of your favorite businesses. You can select how frequently they will message you (once they join the site later.)

Part of our vision is to provide businesses better ways to communicate to those interested in them, but only as much as each person desires. Over the next couple months we will offer more features that help business grow, but this Alpha focuses on the non-business features.

Interests are managed on this page. You can import URLs (with better importing soon) or you can do a search and find businesses you are interested in and would like to follow. The UI for this page is getting upgraded over the next couple weeks. Tags (the left-side box) will get implemented in November.

Tags color change. Public Tags are now dark brown if user selected and light gray if not, just like Private Tags that alternate beween light blue and light gray. If a public tag has not been selected by the user but is incidentally associated with the selected record set (that is the tag appears in all records of the set) then it is displayed as light brown.

Many pages and features may need additional clarification. If you have questions, give Michael a call or an email. We are working hard to make features more clear.